Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How do you capture one of the biggest hearts?

Whitney has been one of my best friends since 6th grade so i was absolutly thrilled when she asked us to take her senior pictures! She is so beautiful and photogenic but i loved being able to show the world the whitney that i see! We started at her aunt and uncle's house where we found the porch swing.
Then we went to a barn foundation that her grandfather built. She had the most beautiful blue dress and the rock wall made a PERFECT background... as you can see!
Next on the agenda was her grandmother's house. We played around some but got some good shots of her with the tire swing. She is absolutly gorgeous!

When we were gettting ready to pack up and head home she asked me if we could take a quick picture, not for a senior picture, but for her grandmother. Her grandmother has a G on her house (standing for Glotfelty) and thought it would be a cute idea. Well it turned out awesome!

Check out my mom's blog www.thelotusfocus.blogspot.com She will hopefully post some pictures of whit too! More senior pictures coming soon! And also... how the ground hog got in the tree! You won't believe until you see it!!!


  1. You did such a wonderful job on Whit's pics!! I'm so proud of you and honored to work beside you! Love you much.